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The artist Christina Nietert



Here you enter the creative cosmos of an artist who had the courage to go her own way and turn her passions into a unique vocation. She is a make-up artist, a hair stylist, a photographer and a life coach. And all these aspects harmoniously flow into her work and create a unique overall image.
Trained at the renowned Hasso von Hugo make-up school in Berlin, she has honed her artistic skills and developed a profound appreciation for the art of creating. Her advanced training as a hairdresser expanded her craftsmanship and further deepened the art of transformation.
At 23, she started her own business, working for fashion productions, television and business shoots. But the art didn't rest - it led her back to her makeup artistry roots and resulted in the fascinating CN Art series, which completed her artistic journey and led to absolute inner satisfaction.

The photographer & make-up artist



Beauty and a desire to help women develop a positive self-image. The discovery of photography was a turning point in her life. It wasn't just a new medium she began to explore, but a passion that opened up new possibilities. She created her second start-up and began capturing her unique perspective on beauty and style in images.
As a photographer, she seeks not only the visually appealing, but also the emotional and authentic. Her experience as a life coach has helped her to empathize even more deeply with her clients
and capture their true essence. Because for her, photography is not just a craft, but a form of connection and understanding.
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